We're happy to announce our full cast of Altered Minds       and so is BroadwayWorld, 

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Into the Arms by Russ Cusick

directed by Drucie McDaniel

 Ken Coughlin and Russ Cusick*

My Three O'Clock by Douglas E. Davis

directed by Daniel Capalbo Jr.

 Michael Sean Cirelli and Lenore Harris*

Hang-ups by Brett Hursey

directed by Celine Havard

Sharon Lesser* and Paul Thomas Ryan*

It Gets Better by Logann Grayce

directed by Jean Tait

Kathryn Gerhardt*, Logann Grayce, Florence Pape and Jun Chen

Hero by Phil Darg

directed by Anita Hollander

Mieko Gavia and Scott Barton*

Crossroads of the World by Mark Okladek

directed by Brian Henry

with Jake Lesh* and Jason Yudoff

Phone Friend by Jonathan Josephson

directed by Judy Dodd 

Jillie Simon* and Paul Thomas Ryan*

Lunatic by Judy Dodd 

directed by Joel Bernstein

Sharon Lesser*, Bonnie Black* and Jason Yudoff

Dragged by Emily Hageman

directed by Celine Havard

Janel Koloski and Nicole Flender*

*Actors Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association

We are so honored to announce that

Altered Minds has been selected as a Parity Productions Qualifying Production!


We're excited to announce that

The #metoo Plays were featured in the Jan/Feb 2019 edition of The Dramatist Magazine


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