2019 NYC Short Play Festival focusing on the

various perspectives on the complex issues of mental


Over 44 million American adults suffer from a mental condition today -- and the percentage of youth with mental health conditions is on the rise. The number of people who consider suicide their only option is escalating --- these are only the stories we hear--too many individuals are filled with shame, fear and isolation! It's time to HEAR the unspoken VOICES!!! It's time to challenge the stigma and break the silence!!!

The Off-Broadway Production will be presented at The American Theatre of Actors 11/29 -12/8/2019  314 West 54th Street, NYC 


"Into the Arms by Russ Cusick,  

   director Drucie McDaniel 

  My Three O'Clock  by Douglas E. Davis, 

   director Daniel Capalbo Jr.

  Hang-ups by Brett Hursey, 

   director Celine Havard 

  It Gets Better by Logann Grayce,

   director Jean Tait

 Hero by Phil Darg, 

  director Anita Hollander

 Crossroads of the World by Mark Okladek, 

   director Brian Henry

  Lunatic by Judy Dodd, 

   director Joel Bernstein 

  Phone Friend by Jonathan Josephson,

   director Judy Dodd

  Dragged  by Emily Hageman, 

   director Celine Havard

CONGRATULATIONS to the finalists!


Although our fundraiser has ended you can still support the project and mental health awareness (a percentage of profits will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) by donating any amount you can, that we will very much appreciate and will be tax deductible thanks to our Fiscal Sponsor at:


c/o The Artist Co-op 

The Alternative Theater Company

500 West 52nd St. #3W 

New York NY 10019


Celine Havard